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Unboxing Windows Vista Ultimate Edition in 2017

On April 11, Microsoft will discontinue its extended support for Windows Vista. This felt like the perfect time to do an unboxing of ...

Comparing Windows 7 to Windows Vista

I compare Windows 7 and Vista, two really similar operating systems. Music from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ...

Gaming on Windows Vista, 13 years later

Windows Vista is arguably the most infamous version of Windows ever, and today we're revisiting it- how far can we push gaming ...

Windows Vista Ultimate Unboxing in 2019

Almost three years after support ended for Vista I take a look at this software and the physical 'Big Box' that it was shipped with.

Windows Vista Ultimate RTM Unboxing/Installation 2019 - Exactly 13 Years Later!

Unboxing and Installing Windows Vista on my Lenovo ThinkPad SL510, all while I babble about Windows Vista for a half hour!

WINDOWS VISTA In 2019! (13 Years Later!) (Review)

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Windows Vista review 2019 edition

Thanks for watching hope you subscribe my youtube channel stay tuned this video is recorded with an Iphone 7 ...

Windows Vista Ultimate

The newest video from Microsoft promoting the next-generation operating system, Window Vista. Be sure to watch the second half ...

Operating System Review - Windows Vista Ultimate

This is Windows Vista, probably one of the most hated Operating Systems, besides Windows 8 and Windows ME. Created in 2007 ...

Was Windows Vista THAT bad?

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Windows Vista Review Part 1

A review on windows vista.

Windows Vista Review

[HD] Review on Windows Vista. The inside scoop is all explained in this video. Learn about security systems, the UI, and much ...

Review Windows Vista

Welcome To Learn Tech Indonesia pada video kali ini gua bakal membahas tentang windows vista di tahun 2016 tapi gua gak ...

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras Overview, Is it Worth It?

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras and Windows Vista Ultimate overview.

Vista Ultimate Review - FrugalTech

http://www.frugalbrothers.com We discuss the merits of "upgrading" from XP Pro to Vista Ultimate.

Trying to use Windows Vista, 13 years later

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Windows Vista Review (Deutsch/German)

Ist Vista so schlimm, wie wir es in Erinnerung haben? Weitere Videos und Informationen findest Du auf https://towr.one/.

Опубликовано: 20 Фев 2019

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