Видео: How to record audio on the CGO2 steady grip!

CGO2 - "OutOfCam"

Bewusst ohne irgendwelche Korrekturen (kein WA, kein Kontrastausgleich, kein Nachschärfen, o.ä.) - einfach recording, in ...

Downloading and Using The CGO2 App

In this video you will learn how to properly download, install and setup your CGO2 camera with your Blade 350 QX3.

Blade & Yuneec CGO2 - CGO2+ ( Plus ) Trimmung einstellen / justieren

Wenn die Gimbal / Kamera Vibrationen, oder Brummgeräusche macht, überträgt sich das auch Negativ aufs Bild und ist auch am ...

Is It Important to Record Sound When Recording Videos?

Download and listen to the audio version of this podcast episode here: . Get your drone and business related questions ...

VLOG3 WHY MY YUNEEC TYPHOON Q500 4K FAILED TO RECORD VIDEO by Jacques Gaines w sample video

My drone was failing to record so I looked into it and finally found a solution to the problem. I have been having an ...

CGO2-GB Camera/Gimbal Failure

I was really excited to get my Typhoon back from the repair shop. Unfortunately, the camera isn't as 'fixed' as it needs to be.

STEADYGRIP GIMBAL BY YUNEEC: My tests and general review

The Yuneec steadigrip gimbal comes with the Yuneec Q500 Typhoon 4K. It is a bonus piece of kit that is far too often ...

Cgo2 problem

After a crash I'm having a problem with my camera / gimbal.

CGO2 Camera Demonstartion: Roses

This video is to show the quality of pictures and video with the CGO2 camera that is part of the Blade 350 QX3 Camera Combo.

CGO2 Latency

Pretty lame at 60 FPS, SD card class 10...

Blade 350 QX3 CGO2-GB - Recording Quality and Fisheye Lens

Notice the "Fisheye" view (curved horizon)? That does not exist on the CGO2+ camera.

Loss of wifi signal CGO2

While trying to get some aerial video of the snow on the side of Floyd knobs my cgo2 lost wifi connection to my phone and stopped ...

2-15-15 battery test with cgo2 7mins tops

Foggy, Testing to see how long battery lasts with cgo2 camera recording on Blade 350qx3 Heli drone, appears about 7 mins tops.

Photos From my Yuneec Q500+ and CGO2

These are Photos taken from my Yuneec Q500+ and My CG02.

Yuneec Q500 & Nikon D5100 & Nikkor 50mm/1,8 - alternativ camera

Yuneec Q500 & Nikon D5100 - im Test fliege ich die Yuneec Q500 unter Verwendung einer Nikon D5100 mit Nikkor 50mm/1,8.

Yuneec Q500+ CGO2 Steadygrip - Getting It to Work

An alternative method for getting the CGO2-GB Camera to work with the Yuneec Q500+ Proaction Steadygrip and improved radio ...

Streaming from CGO3 to Macbook

Streaming from CGO3 camera using the steadygrip to the macbook using VLC client.

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